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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Stalking Grace

"Difference"? "Crucial difference"? Huh? What does Andres Serrano have to do with Amnesty International? And note the use of mangled cliché in the second paragraph. "Poster boy" would have been bad enough, but Marsden realized that AI is a thing, not a person, and so we are subjected to "poster organization."
the ambler
Like a little boy pulling the wings off a fly, Kevin Michael Grace has his way with Rachel Marsden's first National Post column.(Mercifully behind the subscriber wall.) To twist a tag line from one of Ms. Marsden's other employers, (where according to the interesting narratives she uses as resumes, she worked under Bill O'Reilly, (There are reams of sworn evidence suggesting Ms. Marsden is brilliant at, one might almost say obsessive about, Bill's favorite sport of smutty late night phone conversation.)), KMG is mean but fair.

Of course, what Kevin seems unwilling to admit is that bad writing, cliched punditry, and banal defences of the indefensible are an established tradition at the Post where they managed to replace Steyn and Frum with, er, Copps. But at least Sheila can rely on Warren to ghost, poor Rachel has to make her own way in the world.

All of which may get Kevin just what he always needed....his very own serial stalker. Alternatively, a date with Antonia Zerbaisis who is turning out to be a really first class blogger.

Now, I missed posting Canada's Miss Universe, but thanks to the WayBackMachine we are lucky enough to see the pictures which no longer grace Ms. Marsden's rather more respectable, American Republican kinda girl, website...Hit it Mr. Peabody:

"Wanna subscribe Big Boy??

Or giving Heather Malick a run for her money:
Now, personally, I think Rachel is hot in that "mad, bad and dangerous to know" sort of a way: who cares if she can write??