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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Warren Kinsella has a nose for the dirt and, if you haven't already, go over to his site and check the Grewel exerpts.

In any normal country tape of a senior Cabinet Minister and the PM's chief of staff playing hide the salami with Senate seats and diplomatic appointment in order to bribe sitting MPs to abstain from voting in a confidence vote would put paid to the government. Especially when they were doing so with the sull knowledge of the Prime Minister. But, this being Canada, the Grits are spinning this as being Grewel's fault for taping the conversation and at least part of the media is buying it.

This has gone well beyond outrage. The question is whether or not the NDP will have had enough or, and here's a thought, some of the decent people who sit in the Liberal Cabinet and backbenchs will realize that the corruption is so deep, so profound, that if there is any hope of saving Canada's reputation in the eyes of her own people, the Liberal Party must be Abstention is a two way street and one which decent Liberals need to walk almost immediately.