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This would be funny if it were not so sad

The new policy says the following types of treatment may indicate racial discrimination in work situations:

* Exclusion from formal or informal networks.
* Denial of mentoring or developmental opportunities such as secondments and training that was made available to others.
* Differential management practices such as excessive monitoring and documentation or deviation from written policies or standard practices.
* Disproportionate blame for an incident.
* Assignment to less desirable positions or job duties.
* Treating normal differences of opinion as confrontational or insubordinate.
* Characterizing normal communication as rude or aggressive.
* Penalizing a person for failing to get along with someone else, e.g. a co-worker or manager, when one of the reasons for the tension is racially discriminatory attitudes or behaviour of the co-worker or manager.

It retires the term "minority group" in favour of "racialized persons," a category that goes beyond skin colour and ethnic background.

"Racialization extends to people in general but also to specific traits and attributes, which are connected in some way to racialized people and are deemed to be 'abnormal' and of less worth,'" it says. "Individuals may have prejudices related to various racialized characteristics."
Pretty much anything which might go on in the workplace is now to be interpreted as a Human Rights violation.

And I love the invention of the term "racialized". For example, would a blonde joke qualify? Would white people applying for a job in a Chinese restaurant have a case? Is fat a racial issue? Are homosexuals a race? Do those of us blessed with surprisingly well defined - racists would say big - noses have a racialized characteristic...what about fat lips or a bubble butt, curly hair, freckles?

Appropirately enough I found this via Fark