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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The Zerb...

The Zerb was made for blogging. Yes, I do hate her politics. Yes, she is the poster girl for Canaidan moonbattery....but it just does not matter. This gal can blog.

Word is that, last night at the paper's in-house awards bash at the Liberty Grand, very few editorial staffers were in evidence, despite the booze and cheezies.

Could they be boycotting the bosses over their cosying up to their merged and converged corporate masters?

UPPITY DATE: Ran into Ryan tonight at the MuchMusic Video Awards and he said this part is not true. (Monday, June 20, 2005 @ 12:16 a.m.)
This is what Wonkette was supposed to be but isn't.

Writing "items" is a largely lost art in the newspaper world. Just bits of information which, in themselves, mean virtually nothing; but, as a body, describe a particular world far more exactly than a six part piece running 25,000 words.

The Zerb knows Canadian media and Canadian media politics. The fact she has been run over several times by guys like Bob Tarantino has not hurt her a bit - it simply taught her the ground rules of blogging.

Now she's got the rules down and she is simply flying. Fish meets water. Outstanding.