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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The country's total fertility rate – which estimates the number of children that women aged 15 to 49 will have in their lifetime – increased to 1.53 children per woman in 2003, from 1.50 in 2002.
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Not a big jump, but at least a move in the right direction. At this point the feds seem to think we need over 300,000 new immigrants a year in Canada just to stay more or less even. The sources for that immigration - leaving aside any cultural issues that level of immigration may create - are becoming less and less obvious as China and India go into hyper development.

One of the positions I believe the poor, benighted, CPC should be taking is a comprehensive policy of working to improve the birthrate within Canada. We can see the effects of a chronically low birthrate in Europe and Japan. It does not take long for a culture to be lost when it does not replace itself.

Once again, Canada can opt for the Euro option and be effectively extinct in three generations or we can try to encourage our citizens to have lots of kids. Creating a kid friendly, family positive (in the non-Focus on the Family sense of that concept) nation could well be a winning plank in a re thought out Tory strategy.