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Canada.Info-Syn.Com Update

I am still fighting with the code to try and get the posts to truncate. Two reasons: first because I want The Canadian Bullet, which is the "brand" for the blog aggregator as in, "Have you seen the Bullet?, to be a quick skim. Hit it, read what's up in the Canadian political blogosphere, hit an ad, and off. Second, because I think people, once their are interested in a post, should go to the blogger's own site to "read the rest".

So far it has been hit and miss on the truncation front. It may be the feeds or just my total lack of PHP knowledge.

Very kind words and links from Andrew over at CanConv, Robert Mcclelland at MyBlahg and Section 15.

If you would like to link The Canadian Bullet (and I would be grateful if you did) please point the link to

It has been really interesting to see how the Canadian blogosphere works from an eagle's eye perspective. One of the reasons I wanted to do the aggregator was that I always felt I was missing interesting posts. I was right, even on a sultry July weekend there are lots of interesting posts, brush wars, photographs and fun.

It still has a way to go; but all of the issues are now capable of solution.

Meanwhile, just to avoid narrowness, the beta of the first of the topical aggregators is up. Food!. Sex cannot be far behind.