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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The Enemy Within

Since Thursday's attacks, there have been calls for a crackdown on radical Muslims, including some from Britain's Muslim leaders.

"As far as I am concerned these people are not British," said Lord Nizar Ahmed, one of the few Muslims in the House of Lords. "They are foreign ideological preachers of hate who have been threatening our national security and encouraging young people into militancy. They should be put away and sent back to their countries."

He added, "They created a whole new breeding ground for recruitment to radicalism."
In case anyone thinks my positions vis a vis the Islamofascist jihadis is extreme.

The Times article is well worth reading. It details how the British - in ways the left will not much like - have brought some of this terror on themselves. How? By allowing radical, anti Western, pro-jihad Muslims to remain in Britian even as they call for England's destruction. And even when they are wanted for crimes committed in other jurisdictions.