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I ran across this excellent Avian Flu site while getting the dirt from the Zerb.

Canada, like many other countries, has failed to stockpile sufficient anti-viral drugs like Tamiflu in preparation for a (bird) flu pandemic. The government simply has not been paying attention until recently, and it is too late now: the sole manufacturer of Tamiflu has worldwide orders for at least 40 million doses, and nowhere near the capacity to make them anytime soon.

The federal authorities responsible have neglected to do the jobs they were hired for. Canada has Tamiflu in stock for maybe 7% of its population, the US less than 1%. European countries like Britain and France are reported to be close to 40%.
How serious is this, well, if you want to be scared out of your wits go read Ian Welsh's piece on what the survivors can expect. Normally I childe Ian for being alarmist; but not with this.