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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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For Thinking Conservatives Only

Continuing through the Telegraph I came across this piece from a Tory MP on the Tory leadership race in England:

Cameron's speech operates at three levels. At one level, it is about the way we do politics: it is a call for civilised debate in which we acknowledge the force of our opponents' arguments, avoid opportunism, and say things we think are true even if we think they will not at first be popular. At a second level, it is about acknowledging that the effort to bring together free markets and the strengthening of society has to be a joint effort in which government, institutions and individuals all play their part. And, at a third level, it is about the ultimate goal - the fostering of a more civilised Britain - which lies behind both our preference for free markets and our preference for a stronger society.
oliver letwin, telegraph
The idea of honouring one's opponent's ideas and being fearless in the advocacy of one's own is likely to lead to a more civilized politics if not society.