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The European Court of Justice approved the Food Supplements Directive even though the court's own Advocate-General advised that the Directive was invalid under EU law.

The ruling - greeted with surprise - is a defeat for a concerted campaign by more than a million British health food customers and shops. They have argued that the law, which will come into effect on August 1, will impose an unprecedented level of regulation on mineral supplements and could threaten the existence of small suppliers.

The Alliance For Natural Health (ANH), a group backed by the British Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, have contended that it is unfair for health food manufacturers to bear the cost of applying for approval for products they have been selling for many years.
times of london
Ever since I worked as the editor of Common Ground Magazine - a confession I would only make in this circumstance - I have been more than a little wary of the natural foods/healthfoods/food supplement industry. Most of the claims it makes are either unsubstantiated or impossible to substantiate. The pricing is rediculous. And a lot of it simply preys upon the fears people have about their health....But, my libertarian instinct wins on this one.

A good set of product liability laws which would hold the manufacturers liable for any harm taking their products caused should protect the population. And it would not hurt to have a system where private citizens could sue manufacturers of any product for making provably false claims; but beyond that the government really has no business telling a person what he or she may eat or drink.