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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Irshad Rocks!

She recalls asking Mohamed al-Hindi, political leader of Islamic Jihad, where the Koran glorifies martyrdom; he insisted it was there, but even after looking up books and phoning colleagues, he couldn’t find one reference.

"His translator suggested I better go if I wanted to leave alive," she recalls. "I asked why he had even given an interview, and the translator said, 'Oh, he assumed you would be just another dumb westerner'."
times of london via andrew sullivan
Irshad Manji falls into that rather exclusive category of lefties for whom truth matters more than ideology. The interview in the Sunday Times is well worth reading. A good deal of the support for the radical Palestinians and the Islamo-fascists comes from the sheer number of dumb Westerners whose ideology gets in the way of their capacity to apprehend truth.