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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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John G. Roberts

If you want to get the full attention of the American public for a Supreme Court nomination which is of only tiny interest to anyone outside the legal biz of leak a name. John G. Roberts. John G. Roberts may or may not be the actual nominee; but it doesn't matter for the spin.

Karl Rove really is that smart...

Update:The Dems are going to be split here. Roberts is not, on the face of it, a terribly good hook on which to launch an assault on Bush. Conservative but no yahoo. But they will still attack. Which will take Rove off the front page and, once he is off that page, unless he is actually charged, the light as air allegations the Dems have been baying are going to be forgotten. Most of all by the MSM who realize, but will not admit, that not mentioning the name of a CIA employee who was not covert is not actually a crime...