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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Marsden Redux

The Ambler points to Kevin Steel's disection of Rachel Marsden in the current issue of The Western Standard and the objection it has provoked from Marsden's writing equal, Judi McLeod at Canada Free PressMs. McLeod's objection is that the conservative press in Canada should be supporting the convicted stalker as one of our own.

Dear God, the point of mocking the National Post for its latest celebrity hire is simply that Marsden's awful writing and utter lack of political or philosophical insight might be taken as the acme of conservative thought in Canada. Then again, anyone who can write a sentence like this one:

Marsden’s boyfriend blues are right up there on the same scale as Conservative Party Deputy Leader Peter MacKay’s Belinda betrayal.
is not likely to be much of a judge of writing talent. (Quick test, try figuring out what that sentence actually, er, means...if anything.)
Marsden’s twice-a-week columns, in a daily newspaper that some suspect the Aspers of Winnipeg are slowly inching over to the lib-left, are attracting more enemies from the right than the left.
I would suggest that Marsden's hiring is yet another bit of evidence of the National Posts left-Lib inclination: hiring a convicted criminal and touting her as the voice of Conservatism in Canada is positively Rovian in its brilliance.