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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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No Women Singing

Iranian Poet and musician Naze Ezizi was called to a security office in Mahabad where she was told, "Woman singing is against the law. The punishment is honour killing". Iranian officials also warned all newspapers not to publish Ezizi's poems in their daily editions.

Ezizi lives in Tehran but at the time of call from the Mahabad security office, she was visiting her parents in Mahabad. When she was in the security office, she was threatened and warned for the songs she sang. Security officers told Ezizi, "We are against the women singing. The punishment for people like you is honour killing or being stoned".

The security office fined her 600,000 Iran Rials (US$67) and told her that if she continues to sing songs the punishment will change to regm (honour killing).

'Women's image and voice belongs to her husband'

Ezizi said, "Art is my life. There is no meaning for me to be alive if my poems and songs are not allowed to exist" and "Even if I have been threatened with being "honour killed", I will not give up my art".
persian journal
Well thank God we have that cleared up.