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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Plumbing new depths of dumb

Conservative MP Vic Toews (Provencher, Man.), his party's high-profile justice critic and a former Manitoba justice minister, told The Hill Times that the Conservatives will definitely make it an election issue out on the hustings and said if the federal Conservatives win the next election they will attempt to repeal the law.

"The Conservative government will bring forward an alternative; that's what political parties and governments do," Mr. Toews said in an interview last week with The Hill Times in regards to whether it's worth repealing the new law. "They offer alternatives and this is a commitment that we've made as an alternative to what the Liberals have forced on the Canadian people. I can't see how one can avoid it being an election issue. There's a very clear distinction between the Conservatives and all the other parties on that issue."
hill times via bound by gravity
55% of Canadians don't want the SSM legislation repealed. It is probably impossible to do so without having the legislation overturned on Constitutional grounds. Harper claims he will not use the scary notwithstanding clause so failure in the Courts would be an end of it.

What are these idiots thinking? Do they really want to go into a campaign promising to take rights away from Canadians?

Dumber and dumber as the days go by.