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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Root Causes

Around the net in the wake of the London bombings there has been a good deal of "root cause" speculation.

The trial of Mohammad Bouyeri the self-confessed - to the Court and van Gogh's mother who was in Court - killer of Theo van Gogh,

He argued that he did not killl her son, "but I have chopped off his head according to the law that orders me to do so to everyone who offends Allah. I do not not feel your pain as I do not know what it is to suffer the loss of a child"
This is a stone killer who knows exactly what he has done. He was obsessed with death, mutilation and amputations. And all the happy talk of the chattering classes on how these reptiles need to be understood comes to nothing in this psychiatric report:
Experts int the Pieter Baan Center observation clinic got little insight into the mindset of Mohammed B.

He was there for 8 weeks but didn't give the doctors a ghost of a chance. He did not speak to the pychiatrists or the pyschologists. He literally turned his back on them.

On Sunday, the experts completed their evaluation and said that they could not find any mental illness. Therefore he had to be considered totally competent.

In spite of his resistant behavior, the doctors wrote up a report about his stay in the Pieterbaan clinic. PBC pyschologist Dr. Oudjans appeared in front of the court to deliver the report.

Oudejans:" In my 16 years I have never had the experience of someone who said little or nothing. He just put on his headphones and went into his cell—as if I was just air."

One of the most striking things was that Mohammed Bouyeri would give Koran lessons to two people in his ward [This is called da'wa, or missionary work. —ed.] He secluded himself with them against the rules. From that the PBC concluded that he was still busy recruiting for Jihad.

He loaned out books with violent texts in them.
clarity and resolve
My suspicion is that if Bouyeri had not found militant Islam he would have found some other excuse for killing. The root cause is that the man is violently sociopathic and no amount of early intervention or poerty alievation was going to do a damn thing.