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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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You can't say that!

Urgent action to exclude and deport religious extremists from abroad who are radicalising British-born Muslims was announced by Tony Blair yesterday.

The Prime Minister called on Muslim leaders to join him in a world-wide drive to counter the "perverted and evil" ideology behind the London bombings.

The four Muslim MPs who met Tony Blair at Downing Street

He appealed for calm following the disclosure that four of the suicide bombers were born and brought up in Britain.

Mr Blair told MPs he would bring forward talks with the other political parties on new powers for the police and security services to combat the incitement and instigation of terrorist attacks.
This is, rather obviously, closing the door after the horse has bolted. However, it is a start. (I wonder what Tony proposes to do with his lovely wife - who is quoted as saying she quite understood the motivations of suicide bombers in the Middle East...but, no matter.) The point is that Blair has finally recognized that you cannot have a bunch of self styled "clerics" preaching hate and conspiracy every Friday without there being consequences.

Regular readers will know that I deeply believe in free speech up to and including the advocacy of the end of a particular state. But there is a line to be drawn. And that line lies where there is incitement to kill in pursuit of that end. It also lies when anyone, mullah or priest, begins to call non-believers less than human. Both of those lines have been regularily crossed by preachers in mosques in Britain - and in Canada.

It needs to be stopped. The people who are preaching incitement need to be arrested and jailed or, if they are not citizens of England or Canada, arrested, jailed and then sent back to their country of origin.

Just as importantly - buildings in which this vile hatred is being spewed need to be confiscated and razed. The symbol of a vacant lot is critical. The Islamic fundamentalists need to know that we will defend out culture and that we are perfectly prepared to use whatever means are necessary.