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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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The publication ban has been partially lifted.

Nothing nicer than tales of envelopes full of cash being passed across Montreal restaurant tables...

At the time, Mr. Brault was considering selling Groupaction so he didn't want a bogus employee. He said he offered instead to pay $5,000 each month in cash.

The next time at the restaurant, Mr. Brault said he put an envelope of cash on the table and left for the bathroom when Mr. Wiseman showed up.

"When I came back, the two were seated, the money was gone. The conversation went as if nothing had happened."

In all, he paid Mr. Wiseman up to $25,000, Mr. Brault said.
globe and mail
Fake invoices, pass alongs of invoices from companies owned by Libeeral operatives which did not, in fact, do any work.

This is very dirty indeed.

About the best that the Liberals can do is to try and discredit Brault and pray that the Pope's funeral and Chuck and Camilia will eat front page space....fat chance.


One, little, two little, three Canadians

"Ed Morrissey -- Captain Ed to his friends -- published on the weekend what no Canadian is allowed to print or broadcast. . . .

"By midday, 131,000 people had visited the site. In just one hour before lunchtime, he had 26,000 hits and by the end of the day he estimated he was on track for about 300,000 hits, many from Canadians. He averages 22,000 visits a day."
globe and mail via the washington post
Essentially Canadians have voted with their mice and rejected the idea that elites - political, legal or judicial - have the right to control the flow of information no matter how high minded the purpose.

I suspect Captain Ed has pretty much put paid to the antiquated custom of publication bans. Which will mean the Canadian justice system will just have to trust potential jurors....what a concept.

Order of Canada, eh

Former aboriginal leader David Ahenakew said he still stands behind anti-Semitic remarks he made more than two years ago and blames the media for trying to "destroy" his life by publishing them.
globe and mail
Gee, here's an idea, why not strip Ahenakew of his Order of Canada on the basis that he is a revolting anti-Semite and a disgrace to the Order....

Update: Freddy checked and it is possible to take the Order away...
Can the Order be taken away from someone?
Yes. The Constitution of the Order allows for termination of membership. A recommendation for termination is made to the Governor General by the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada, chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada.
I can't find a citation for the actual Constitution of the Order. However, the Advisory Council is on the case and I, for one, would not want to be at the receiving end of Chief Justice MacLauglin's ire....
May 9, 2003

OTTAWA – On behalf of the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada, Barbara Uteck, Secretary to the Governor General and Secretary General to the Advisory Council, today issued the following statement.

"At its May meeting, the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada discussed the status of Mr. David Ahenakew's membership in the Order of Canada in light of public statements he made on December 13, 2002. The Advisory Council has decided to defer further discussion on the matter until the legal proceedings under consideration by the Attorney General of Saskatchewan are completed."
Statement from the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada

Gung Ho!

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says though the federal Liberals are "morally bankrupt" he's not prepared to bring down their minority government.

Harper emerged from a Tory caucus meeting Wednesday to emphatically state that Canadians need time to learn and digest the damning details about a Liberal-organized sponsorship program emerging from a federal inquiry.

"It is not my intention and it is not my party's intention to provoke and election simply on our own timetable or because of our own interests," Harper said.

"We have to be sure the public understands this (sponsorship information) and the public is demanding this election."
It is pretty rare to see this sort of backpedalling in the face of a huge political scandal. Harper seems to have all the fight of a damp kitten.

He does, however, come up with a really oily reason why,
Conservatives believe the Bloc Quebecois would be the principal beneficiary of a snap election, which would likely virtually sweep Quebec clean of federalist MPs.

Harper argued it will take time to rebuild federal institutions in the province that will be "immeasurably" damaged by Liberal sponsorship shenanigans.

He said he wants to be the prime minister of all Canadians, not just those outside Quebec.

"It's the people of Canada, from one end of the country to the other, who have to decide that the time has come to get beyond the debate in Quebec between corruption and separation," said Harper.
Very likely the Bloc will clean up in Quebec and, with an actual campaign, Harper should be able to take most of the seats in ROC. Why is this a problem?

At some point Canadian politicians are going to have to come to grips with the fact Quebec is its own entity. Which means it will elect Bloc MPs to get the best deal it can in Canada. This should not be news.

The fact that the corrupt Liberal Party tried to bribe Quebecers to stay in Canada was an insult to the intelligence of those voters. One which will not be forgotten so long as the Liberals remain in power.

Harper's job is to defeat the


Traffic Explosion

Looks like the difficulties at Captain's Quarters are being caused by massive traffic rather than any direct ban. Which is good news for freedom on the internet, bad news for the corrupt Liberal government.

Brault's testimony is utterly damning. You'll have to read the details for yourself...but if the reporting at Captain's Quarters is close to right, there needs to be an election in Canada right now.

Server Issues

Going to the link for the Brault testimony I am having trouble getting through.

A couple of possibilities: a) Shaw is banning the site at its headend, b) there are a lot of Canadians who really want to know what is going on.

I am hoping that it is lots of Canadians; but I would not put it past our heavily regulated cable biz to block the site.

Is a Link Publication?

The expression "publication ban" as it is used in this decision, should be taken to have the meaning those words have been given in subsection 486(4.9) of the Criminal Code, which states that "no person shall publish in any way (?) any evidence taken, information given or submissions made at a hearing", in this case, a hearing of the Commission. In my interpretation of this disposition, "broadcast" includes a posting on the Internet.
Which begs the question as to whether a link to a US website on which material is published is, itself, a violation of the ban.

There is no question that a direct quotation from what purports to be the testimony at the hearing would be a violation of the ban. However, to take a non-internet example, if the New York Times published the information a Canadian media outlet could, in my view, publish that fact. (If only to say "tut, tut".)

similarly, it appears that assorted Canadian media lawyers have determined that it is acceptable to publish the name of the main blog reporting this material. Captain's Quarters is, apparently, enjoying an upsurge in traffic.

I am rather skeptical that a ban on publication would extend to a link to such a publication...but you'll note I am not linking. Links are a legally problematic area and one where caution is the better part of valor. Plus, ten seconds with Google and any Canadian will be able to decide for himself if the evidence before Mr. Justice Gomery is sufficient to bring down a government.

In my view it is. If only because it re-enforces the essential corruption of the prior Liberal regime of which many of the current Cabinet were members.

If Martin did not know he was derelict in his duty as a Cabinet Minister.


Of course I am in the middle of a move when the Gormey explosion occurs....