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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Real Issues

I posted this in the comments over at BlogsCanada and I wanted to have a copy for myself:

Harper's move (ammending a bill to require the Liberals to resign) is rather clever: essentially Martin said his government will resign in, more or less, eight months...Harper just wants them to move the date up.

There are, no doubt, issues of greater significance than Adscam. For example, the fact that Quebec was entirely duped by the Liberals in the last referendum and that election funding laws were broken by the federalist side on an organized basis. Which is leading to a strong surge in the support for the PQ and the possible breakup of the nation.

Which is the Liberal Party's fault.

Which strongly suggests that they should immediately resign and allow people untainted by the slime to try and repair the awful damage caused to the nation by the sheer arrogance of the Liberal party.

Right now the greatest issue facing Canada is the continuation in office of a party which ran roughshod over the democratic rights of the people of Quebec.

The Other Shoe.....

A parliamentary committee this week examined allegations that Martin's old ministry, the Department of Finance, unfairly favoured Earnscliffe Strategies Group when it asked for a bid to provide strategic advice.

Cutler testified before the committee.

In an interview with CBC Radio's The House, he says he complained the contract was set up so that only Earnscliffe could make a successful bid, and he raised concerns with his superiors over the way the contract was awarded.
The real trick for the CPC and the rest of the Opposition is to link Mr. Dithers directly to Adscam or to an Adscam like bit of work.

Culter's testimony as well as the information Mr. K. provided on the Earnscliffe contracting operations may be the link they need.

Countdown to election....I'd say ten days ought to do it.


Dithers Desperate

"From hesitation to desperation" -- Gilles Duceppe.
I am not a crook. I was surrounded by crooks. I agreed to fund crooks. My cabinet collegues were crooks...But the meanies in the Opposition are not being fair. I appointed a judge to find out who the crooks were....'cause I don't know. So we should wait and pass all my really cool legislation while we're waiting.

Paul Martin is looking more pathetic by the instant. Taking to the air to try to plead his case to Canadians while ducking the House of Commons proves the man has ceased to be fit to govern.

Once a Prime Minister is afraid of the Commons his time is done.

Martin is clearly afraid of Parliament. He must go.


Habemus papam

“Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church, is often labelled today as a fundamentalism,” he said, speaking in Italian. “Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and ‘swept along by every wind of teaching,' looks like the only attitude acceptable to today's standards.
globe and mail
My more conservative Catholic friends will be over the moon with the election of Joseph Ratzinger.

Here's Kathy,
Ratzinger's election will annoy all the right people. As I've said before, I hope his resemblance to Mr. Burns and Nosferatu, along with his Stalag 13 name, won't turn everyone off at once.
relapsed catholic
I suspect that this delight may be short lived - both in the literal sense, Ratzinger is 78 - and in the sense that he may very well be the last hurrah for the conservative end of the Church. He was very much JPII's pitbull and depending on the length of his tenure is unlikely to make the Catholic Church any more strict than it already is.

The interesting question is what this does for the next Pope...My sense is it opens up an opportunity for a massive reallignment of Catholic doctorine in light of the 20th century. One need not be a relativist to recognize that the issues raised by modern technologies and ideas mean that the Catholic Church needs to respond with more than a pious hope that assorted genies be shoved back into their respective bottles.

Democracy in Action

The Liberal members of a Commons committee are currently filibustering a request to set the next opposition day in Parliament.

globe and mail
No question: the Liberals hate democracy and hate it particularily when they are under fire. This sort of behaviour is a disgrace. It is also likely to anger voters who might otherwise be indifferent to the inherent corruption of the party.

Meanwhile, a quick glance at today's Globe suggests that Warren Kinsella is pointing the finger at Mr. Dithers for making a call on behalf of his pet consultancy. Hmmm....