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Jay Currie

One Damn Thing After Another

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Let's Make a Deal

I thought Harper made a pretty good speech....Especially this line:

"The prime minister has just cut a $4.5 billion deal to buy votes to deal with allegations of vote buying," he said. "So to deal with Liberal corruption we get an NDP budget. The way that this parliament is supposed to work, I guess, is what the Liberals don't steal the NDP gets to spend."
politics watch

Harper needs to get angry. He needs to express the outrage that many Canadians are feeling at the ongoing revelations of Liberal corruption and, as Andrew Coyne points out, it was not just in Quebec,

"A year later, Coffin's firm was hired for a campaign to promote an agreement between Ottawa and Quebec to increase funding for health care.

But the work was actually completed by the Toronto company Gingko Group.

Coffin said his company was the official agency on paper because Gingko, which was favoured by the Privy Council Office, had not won the contract through a competitive process."

The rot in the Liberal Party is so profound that only their complete defeat as quickly as possible will ensure that a) the Gomery Inquiry is allowed to proceed to its conclusion, b) that criminal charges are filed against all of the Liberals who participated in or benefited from the Adscam and related matters, c)there is a chance to create an untainted federalist force in Quebec politics to counter the surging tide of seperatist sentiment created by the Liberal party thugs.

The cuteness of the Layton/Martin anschluss lies in the fact that Martin has so little power that he has been willing to let Layton run Parliament rather than facing the Commons himself.

Dithers and all his works must go...quickly, before he does any more damage.



Those who expected that ruling to come last week were disappointed. Instead, last Wednesday, the Ontario Federal Court of Appeal declined to pass judgment in a music file sharing case, BMG Canada vs. John Doe.
it world canada
There is no Ontario Federal Court...But other than that it is interesting that Mr. Justice von Finckenstein is being asked to overturn the judgement he made in this matter. His reasons in the earlier hearing of that case were comprehensive and a rather brilliant look at the difficulty in identifying specific individuals as file sharers. For example:
To complicate matters, the PC does not itself have an address, but rather the hardware connection, i.e., the router or network adaptor, through which the PC gains access to the Internet had an embedded address that was assigned to it when it accessed the Internet for the first time. This is called the MAC address and it is an address associated with the hardware connection not the PC. This distinction is important, particularly when the hardware connection provides access to multiple PCs through the use of a Local Area Network ("LAN"), as discussed below.
von finckenstein, j.
The Canadian recording folks are going to have to manage to convince von Finckenstein that he got that all wrong...

Don't think so...

Cosh on Ignatieff

Ignatieff regards the Liberals the same way all Liberals do, though he is more candid than most. He sees them as "the governing party", period. It's a matter of religious faith. So while he might be capable of quarrelling with the Liberals on fine points of post-Pearsonian foreign policy, he is utterly unprepared to offer a comprehensive critique of the party's history. He is no use at all to Canada, even as a guide to the Liberal Party's soul-searching (and let us know when you find one, fellas).
colby cosh
As it becomes increasingly clear that Dithers cannot buy a clue, a tired party casts about for its new leader....What about Ignatieff?

Colby does us proud in his balanced, but very fair, analysis of Ignatieff's attractions and his remarkable lack of knowledge when it comes to the nitty gritty of things Canadian.

I suspect that the more likely outcome with the election now all but set for June, is that there will be very little Liberal Party left to lead. Once a party has been proven corrupt and is rendered leaderless by the remarkable incapacity of the strawman who holds that position, the electorate is seldom very merciful.

Even Torontonians may conclude that enough is enough.


The Last Pope

Great article over at Tech Central Station....

In fact, many commentators think that his advanced age (the oldest in over a century) indicates that he's meant to be a short-term, transitional pope, until a new one can emerge for the new century. In addition, some say (including many of those who think him transitional), that his selection by the College of Cardinals was also at least partly to send a message of continuity of the Church and its teachings as they evolved under the previous pope.

Despite his years, though, they may get a lot more continuity than they bargained for. This is, after all, the twenty-first century, in which technological breakthroughs in general, and medical breakthroughs in particular, are coming along at a breakneck and accelerating pace. Such advances, described in the recent books More Than Human by Ramez Naam, and Joel Garreau's Radical Evolution, may upend (among many other things) the stately applecart of traditional papal successions if (as seems increasingly likely) they result in extreme life extension and indefinitely-long healthy human life spans.